How to Become a Mobile Application Developer with Pictures

There are numerous cases in which skilled developers were chosen by big names in the industry, due to their performances at hackathons. There are several websites that you can register for local or online events, and is a great place to start. Hackathons are competitions in which you collaborate with multiple developers and designers, either virtually or at offline events. These are competitions in which numerous teams compete to develop prototypes or enhance already existing apps. If you plan to learn the hard way, that is, by learning how to code, you will only be limited by your imagination (and the current technology stacks).

  • After all, releasing MVP apps are relatively easier than a full-fledged one, and will help you solidify your skills by directly applying them to a project.
  • Oh ya, and you don’t want to waste your money on overpriced bootcamps and degrees.
  • Explore flexible online courses and degrees in mobile development and related subjects.
  • Not anymore, because we have decided to throw light through this complete guide on becoming an app developer.
  • This expansion is fueling record demand for mobile application developers.
  • They are also responsible for mentoring junior developers and ensuring that the team is on track to meet its goals.

Mobile app developers usually earn a bachelor’s in computer science degree. Students should look for curriculums that offer courses in design theory, algorithms and data structures, and programming languages. Mobile app developers need to know programming languages such as Swift, Python, Java, Flash, and SQL, depending on whether they work with iOS or Android operating systems. Depending on the project’s scope, they may work on their own or on teams of developers, engineers, and designers.

What qualifications do you need to be an app developer?

Coding bootcamps may last for a weekend to a couple of months, depending on the type of programming languages and frameworks used. An interesting characteristic of bootcamps is that they directly get into practising coding by spending the least amount of time in lectures. So, according to the current state of the industry, concentrating on iOS or Android app development will be more beneficial, in terms of opportunities.

If there’s one evergreen job title for software developers that just keeps getting greener, it’s mobile app developer. Android and iOS saw app revenue reach $133 billion in 2021, up 19 percent year over year, according to Business of Apps, so there is plenty of opportunity in the field. The developer role usually refers to somebody who can design, build and/or maintain mobile applications for either Apple’s iOS or the Android platform. There are other mobile OS choices — including Mobile Windows and BlackBerry — but they are increasingly becoming irrelevant.

How Long Does It Take to Become a Mobile App Developer?

Typically, it takes most people to become highly proficient mobile app developers in about two years. A secret that many people tend to overlook is that bootcamps can rapidly speed this process up, giving beginners the skills to start a new career in a couple of months. With help from Coding Dojo, students leave with hands-on experience, and the technical knowledge employers desperately need today. Here, we will be talking about a number of topics that are relevant for mobile app developers including the mobile app development process, how to start an app development company, and more. People who design and make the programs for smartphones and other mobile devices are called mobile application developers, or app developers. The subject matter in mobile application development training works extremely well in online learning formats.

  • She has experience in digital marketing, social media, content strategy and marketing communications.
  • Don’t forget to check out this informative video about Andromo app development.
  • The truth is that portfolios are one of the best ways for mobile app developers to showcase their skills and knowledge from past work experience and personal projects.

But some certificates are well-known to employers and will be worth listing on your resume. If you have no training at all in computers, or if you are not ready for college, you can start with a computer or coding course. They may have classes especially for newcomers and English learners. If you want to pursue a career as a Mobile Developer, a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Software Engineering or Mathematics would be a good place to start. That’s why talented App Developers command such a hefty salary and great benefits. But there are certain limitations of desktop apps, the very first being that they need to be downloaded and installed on every computer before use.

Working in the Field

While a resume states an applicant’s skills, a portfolio shows employers tangible proof of those skills. There are many online courses and tutorials available that will teach you the basics of developing mobile apps. Once you have mastered the basics, it’s time to start building your apps. The best way to do this is to find an existing app or project that you want to modify or improve upon and begin coding from scratch based on what you’ve learned. Since Android is the most widely used mobile operating system worldwide, it is a common career path for mobile app developers.

  • One of the most critical decisions you need to make while becoming an app developer is choosing a platform for development.
  • It might also involve developing applications specifically as mobile-exclusive software.
  • They must have the ability to develop applications for multiple platforms and be familiar with a variety of programming languages.
  • Before you decide to choose Android, you should be aware of the fact that there are many different types of Android devices on the market.
  • “I’d do it again, [even] knowing it would fail, because of the breadth and depth of non-technical knowledge I gained,” he says.
  • App developers design and build scalable, maintainable and secure applications that meet user needs.
  • Make sure you develop and release apps as quickly as possible, and try validating your app’s concept with an MVP.

As Andromo provides you with an end-to-end app development service, it gives you the option to monetize your app in different ways. You will need to be creative to make an appealing design and think of solutions that others may have missed. There are two primary possibilities available if you wish to choose a profession as a mobile developer.

To become a viable candidate for senior positions, you can seek a master’s degree or doctorate. Gaining certifications is also an excellent way to further your career. During his college years, Sproat worked with NCR and then joined the company after graduating. He went from that position to a startup and then to another company in the same geographic area. Problem-solving skills and strong communication skills are also important as you will have to work with clients and colleagues to troubleshoot any issues. There are also apprenticeships available for those without a degree.

  • Starting with Quora, XDA Developers, Reddit, and Stack Overflow, being active on developer forums has many benefits.
  • You can make a mobile app for your own enterprise or you can start a career in mobile app development.
  • Connecting with people in the industry can open up opportunities for collaboration and potential job offers.
  • Apart from the API and programming languages, Android app developers also need to have a comprehensive understanding of Google’s Material Design.
  • The very first step towards learning to develop a mobile application is to choose a major platform.
  • You can also monetize your apps in different ways to generate passive income.

The first option for anyone who wants to become an app developer is to learn how to code from scratch. Learning to code does not really mean you would have to spend years in school and thousands of dollars to get formal education. There are multiple online resources rich in video, audio, and text content that can help you learn how to code for app development. If you are incredibly enthusiastic about mobile 15 Beautiful Closet Offices That Prove Bigger Isn’t Always Better app development, the journey from printing your first “Hello World” to developing complex apps won’t take much time. Nearly a decade ago, a new method of learning to code, known as coding bootcamps, came into existence. They are intensive training programs that can teach you how to code within a short time and are equally useful for newbies, Computer Science graduates or experienced developers.


Another option for acquiring skills is to build your own program with free online courses. You’ll choose between iOS development or Android development with Android Studio. A software engineering degree teaches you how to design, maintain, and integrate computer software in the ever-expanding technology field. To develop apps on the Android platform, you need to know Java or Kotlin. For those who have no clue how it works, you will need an introductory course to the programming language Java.

Is it hard being a developer?

It definitely takes work to become a successful developer, but it's doable with the right tools and skills. Once you have those down, you can focus on learning additional languages and pave out a handsomely paying career path for yourself.

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