The Nine Steps of Software Product Development Life Cycle

When it comes to software development, deployment refers to the process of preparing an application in the market for delivery. Planning, development, and operation must all work in tandem to provide a trouble-free and smooth deployment. Every critical part of development should be known to the operations team. As a result, you’ll want to ensure that everyone in the organization is on the same page.

  • Several key documents including the design document, the functional requirement specification document, and coding standards that will be followed during the final delivery are created.
  • The key idea behind the software development process is that before creating something, it needs to be planned, as it involves significant costs.
  • Common definitions are “hardware, software, virtual, SaaS, CPG”, and more.
  • We know how to outsource web and mobile app development, and have real-world cases to prove it.

Having well-defined product documentation and a detailed scope will allow you to convince investors that you have an innovative and solid project planned that is worth helping financially. So the discovery part is not only an investment in the project but also a chance to get funding. When you know what you want to build and for whom, you should test your idea with real people before you invest a penny in creating the app. For example, if you create a social media app for young people, who value appearance as well as usability, they will probably care if the app’s UI is aesthetic enough.

Full-fledged MVP

This fear is so pronounced that often, entrepreneurs soldier on and develop their product more fully, only to be confused by poor adoption. Your goal in prototyping is to de-risk some of the assumptions made in your product definition. If you assumed you could make an amazing digital music experience like iTunes, your prototype would focus on the upload, download, and playback of one song. If a basic download took too long, or the playback quality was extremely poor, you might need to return to your product definition. Revisiting your customer discovery might be the best signal on which direction to choose.

software product development process

One system development methodology is not necessarily suitable for use by all projects. First, create wireframes that reflect the product’s features and structure, and then create a prototype to visualize what the application will look like and see how it will work. After you define the main features of your app, it’s time to prototype it. Feasibility and requirements analysis deals with technical, operational, and legal issues. Planning and implementing the right strategy require different skills when developing a digital product.


The reasons for outsourcing can vary from a lack of required resources or available skills to the desire to focus with your own team on the company’s core products and services. If you want to learn more, I recommend you to read an interesting article about the pros and cons of outsourcing software development by Mike. Although the company experience is important, there’s another aspect you might want to explore – a designer’s background. The greater the designer’s knowledge of the development specifics is, the faster (and thus cheaper) the process goes.

To achieve this goal, the new owners hired a team of coaches with experience in similar transformations in large organizations. They made these experts part of our client’s company for an extended period of time. The coaches essentially became employees of the company, who were linked to specific product lines and worked in collaboration with both the team lead and regular team members.

Stage 7. Maintenance and Support

They code the product according to the specifications mentioned in the SRS and instructions provided in the DDS. This phase is also called Sprint Planning, as it defines what and how to achieve the sprint goal with the collaboration of the whole team. The product owner prioritizes the list of tasks in the product backlog and communicates it to the developers. These prioritized tasks are then moved to the sprint backlog, which is a list of tasks to be completed within the sprint.

Customer discovery is the process of understanding your customers needs and pain points. This is best done through in-person interviews aided by surveys and persona development. Let’s imagine an entrepreneur who’s identified a customer that they want to help. In an in-person interview, they validate the existence of a customer pain-point, and share a potential solution .

Importance of Software Product Development

It is only with the support of your employees that you can turn the idea of a well-established and well-tuned development process into a reality and make it bring actual benefits. Based on SPD Group’s experience, we can say with confidence that Agile and Scrum are the most popular development approach as far as our projects are concerned. They represent the most beneficial approaches for us because they are effective, stable, understandable, and flexible.

software product development process

A significant part of the software product development process is product design. After the discovery of newer ways of product development, leading businesses are now experiencing a eureka moment. All of a sudden they will now be able to envision their products through a completely different methodology. The way software development has expanded its horizons and now we have product development as a new approach to develop applications. After Google introduced the concept of prototyping, many businesses have been adaptive to this concept and  developing apps on a collaborative platform.

Key artifacts of efficient product management

Otherwise, you’ll end up with wasted resources and increased costs of development. Unclear objectives, vague user persona, scarce documentation, and other snags haunt enthusiastic businesses. As a result, around 35% of projects make a nosedive, unable to weather the hectic development process. We provide product development company full-cycle software development services from market research and business analysis to design, development, and launch. Additionally, use a business process modeling notation (BPMN) diagram based on a work breakdown structure (WBS) to manage design decisions, artifacts, and information flows.

Your developed app should be made public with all of its wonderful characteristics and features. You might change your plan for the major launch depending on the outcomes. At this point, there is still a lot of work to be done, as you must select how many goods will be offered. We start from requirements analysis and planning, which ends with a Product Backlog and a Roadmap.

ClickUp Changes the Game for Software Development Teams

When your firm is dealing with a significant frequency of complaints and low customer satisfaction, software development is required. It has the potential to improve your supply chain management and guide all of your actions. The team collaboration and customer involvement in the development cycle of the software allow improved timelines and avoid delays saving time and helping companies keep the competitive edge. At this stage, the approved, tested and polished copy of the software is passed on for production and deployment. In the case of updates to existing software, only specific changes or new features will be deployed.

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