Dating With BPD: What It’s Really Like To Experience Relationships

I was absolutely horrible in my first major relationship and when the girl ended it I got help and feel like I’m a much better partner. We’ve been married 5 yrs n I’m the one who feels crazy. I have XMeeting tried everything to make him feel loved but I always end up belittled n accused of cheating or not paying enough attention to him. I want him to be well but i don’t want to be w him anymore.

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Don’t contact her again unless she contacts you first. Women are not attracted to men who seek perfection. Since you believe in caretaking and perfect relationships, it’s pretty obvious why your relationship didn’t work out – you are just a complete turn-off to your woman. You are the opposite of what makes a woman hot and bothered for a man.

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I’ve been paralyzed with grief and have been taking meds to help me along but I can’t help but obsess about the way this all happened especially the fact he always referred to me as his wife. It has been a 25 yr marriage of sorts after all. You would rather live in the past than embrace the present moment, which isn’t all that bad when you think about it. The relationship heads downhill, but either way it’s a great life lesson to get outside of your own bubble and let things be. First and foremost, when it comes to recovering from abuse in your BPD relationship, you need to understand that the abuse thrown your way wastheir choice.

Even if you hear it a lot, all threats of suicide need to be taken seriously. People with BPD display extreme behavior patterns. They yell, threaten suicide , accuse, blame, and are highly defensive. This might increase if you do not emotionally respond to them; that is, if you do not hop on their emotional rollercoaster and get upset as well. If you’re like me, dating probably goes one of two ways.

You tell her it’s not okay and if she does it again, she can take a hike. By allowing bad behavior, you’re actually making these women worse, believe it or not. Dante Nero talks about this all the time. There is a history of mental illness in her family and a history of fractured relationships throughout her life.

She just opened up to me that she has BPD and I am very scared. Deep down I think that I should run, but she pleases me sexually. She seems to be exactly like me but after reading a bunch of traits of BPD she might just be mimicking me. She says that all her exes were assholes but im starting to think that they realized that she was crazy. Shes infatuated with me and i really like her and havent seen anything bad about her yet but im afraid of whats to cone. I guess I’m looking for some more validation of what I should do.

Do not let your embarrassment over not having a romantic partner get in your way of finding one. Elinor Greenberg, Ph.D., CGP, is a Gestalt therapy trainer who specializes in teaching the diagnosis and treatment of Borderline, Narcissistic, and Schizoid adaptations. Well, as we all know, love is never that simple. Along with the characteristics mentioned above, people with Borderline Personality Disorder are also deeply caring, immensely loving, full of energy when they are “up”, and can be quite empathetic. Relationship when one of the people has Borderline Personality Disorder.

Hell she is going to get a piece of my mind if she’s doing something I don’t like. Am not sure how long our relationship will last! We both find the relationship fulfilling. She’s very intelligent and she’s a psych major! So she can read between the lines very clearly.

But when her illness magnified and surfaced it was pure hell. But even still I stayed because I was committed. Just recently she relapsed on a drug overdose and was sent back to rehab center. And just three days ago without any signs of remorse she tells me it’s over.

I go out of my way to show her I have no intention of “possessing” her in any way shape or form. I can’t say that what I have for her is unconditional because I sat some boundaries very early on – within those boundaries, my feelings are absolutely unconditional. It seems to work for us and hopefully it continues to work for us. She has made me the bad guy for her life and I know she’ll never come back and it’s probably best that she doesn’t, as she sees no issues with her behavior. What I need is to know how to heal and move on.

So you need to work on all of these things so you’ll stop getting attached to women early on. I’m finally retired from the dating zone, yes I tried many dedicated years to build a sweet relationship, but I didn’t find a stable one. Back again to run my mouth about my relationship with a woman with BPD. As our relationship has continued there are some things that are becoming trends and I wanted to pass along some things I see.

“The category of BPD often is treated as absolute when we don’t know everything there is to know about the disorder,” he tells me. As previously mentioned, the diagnosis comes from a collection of symptoms, but one symptom is focused on more than another in these discussions. People with BPD can see those with NPD representing everything they are not — being with them validates their character and self-esteem.

It is very hopeless as there is no “cure”. There is a very real reason for our suicide rates being so high. And a lot of these comments are very triggering. It scares me to think of how many forums like this ultimately caused some of those suicides.

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