Gwen Stefani Boyfriend 2023: Dating History & Exes

Gwen Stefani has enjoyed success as the founding member and lead singer of the ska-pop group No Doubt and as a solo artist. Kanal and Stefani eventually developed a strong friendship, which often translated into collabs, with Kanal even producing some of Stefani’s solo work, per The Guardian. In 2004, Stefani released her fourth solo album, “Cool,” which included an eponymous single about Kanal, as MTVnoted. “I was never intending to go personal on this record,” she said in 2005. “But no matter what you do, things just come out. It just ended this whole thing for me in my head, and it puts an end to a chapter in a really nice way.”


“For, like, a year, he didn’t have to come to my house when I demanded it. He didn’t have to do anything, but when he felt like it, I was there. It was horrible,” she admitted. “I have no idea what’s going to happen with No Doubt. We haven’t really talked about doing anything, but it feels like everyone is, right?” she said. “All the ’90s people—Blink-182 did an eight-month tour that sold out in like five minutes.”

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They have been dating for a long time and married on July 3, 2021. Their marriage was held in a makeshift backyard chapel at Shelton’s Oklahoma ranch with just 40 guests. Apollo’s mother, Gwen Stefani, is now married to famous American country Singer Blake Shelton. Love Island’s Chloe Burrows shares a drunken kiss with Gogglebox star who jokes he’s made her his ‘girlfriend’ .

Lead singer Gwen Stefani began work on her 1980s-inspired new wave and dance-pop side project in 2003, which eventually evolved into the full-fledged solo album Love. The album reached multi-platinum status in several countries, including a quintuple platinum certification in Canada and triple platinum in the US. Tony Kanal went to one of the band’s early shows, and soon joined the band as its bassist. After initially rejecting her advances, he began dating Gwen, but they kept their relationship secret for a year, feeling that it was an unspoken rule that no one in the band date her. The group performed at an Orange High School backyard graduation party on June 6, 1987, with two other California ska bands. At the party, No Doubt’s set included “Total Hate”, “Too Much Pressure”, “Danger”, “Paulina”, “Gangsters”, and the song “No Doubt”.

On Thursday , Perez Hilton reported that Stefani’s bandmates, Tom Dumont, Tony Kanal and Adrian Young, were not invited to the ceremony, which took place on Saturday. “I’ve had it exclusively confirmed that Gwen Stefani did not invite any of her No Doubt band members to her wedding Mi Gente to Blake Shelton in Oklahoma,” he said in a YouTube video. “And it was not a small wedding, there was a lot of people there.” Stefani announced her relationship with country music artist Shelton in November 2015. The acclaimed singers first met on season 7 of “The Voice” in 2014.

Haley’s pals–oh, wait, one of them is the one that looks like Six! –go ape-shit, screaming, “WE LOVE YOU, HALEY!” and generally disrupting everything. Simon tells her she was forgettable and that she has to do better. Besides her music and business career, Gwen is actively involved in charity.

That’s how you’ll feel after watching this video of Gwen. She couldnotstop talking about how great Blake is during her appearance on Jimmy Fallon’s show. Stefani talks about taking him to Disneyland and spending time with her family—and is clearly smitten. Gwen and husband Gavin Rossdale split after 20 years together .

During one of the band’s hiatuses, Young, along with No Doubt members Tom Dumont and Tony Kanal, wanted to continue making music. The three of them went on to form the band DREAMCAR along with AFI’s Davey Havok. Stefani found out about the band by reading of its news on the internet, as it was rumored Havok had replaced Stefani in No Doubt.

Just four days before Christmas, and two days before the band was to perform for some industry executives at The Roxy in Hollywood, Spence took his life in 1987. Initially, No Doubt broke up following Spence’s death and later regrouped with band member Alan Meade temporarily taking on lead vocals. Any fan of Gwen Stefani or 1990s fashion knows that she was the queen of crop tops, thin brows, and red lipstick . She’s seen wearing that look in so many photos throughout her early days with No Doubt, and it definitely became the signature Stefani look at the time. There’s even been some speculation that her iconic looks from the 1990s have influenced the styles of Gen Z and TikTok e-girls today, as noted byVogue Australia.

“Tom Brady and Reese Witherspoon are supposedly dating? I don’t even have a reaction for this, what a random couple,” commented another Twitter user, which we imagine is an opinion shared by many. “I can’t explain why but Reese Witherspoon and Tom Brady somehow make sense to me?” commented another. “Nobody talk to me I’m doing a deep dive to find out everything I can about Reese Witherspoon and Tom Brady’s alleged relationship,” said another. The thought of the 47-year-old Oscar-winning actress and the 45-year-old former Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback allegedly dating has come as a shock to many people, especially because, if the rumors are true, how quickly it must have happened. If you’ll recall, the Super Bowl champ posted a cryptic quote about “false friends” and “betrayal” shorty after his ex-wife’s candid interview came out, which made fans believe it was about her.

The band reconvened at bassist Tony Kanal’s personal studio in Hollywood after the tour concluded and spent the majority of 2010 writing and carefully polishing several demos. In January 2011, No Doubt guitarist Tom Dumont posted a message letting fans know that the group transitioned to the Santa Monica studio of producer Mark “Spike” Stent, who also worked on Rock Steady, to officially begin tracking the effort. Impressed by the presence of stage diving fans at No Doubt’s concerts and Gwen’s on-stage presence, Tony Ferguson signed the band to a multi-album deal with the newly created Interscope Records in 1990.

True fans of these bands, of this music, would of course be fans forever, but as a national mainstream phenomenon, as an MTV News topic, third-wave ska was a blip. The exit velocity required to power through it, to thrive beyond it, to achieve and maintain true superstardom—that took something more than an explosive chorus, or a dedicated Band Dancer, or a clever meta conceit. One strategy—maybe the only successful strategy, as it turns out—was to goad your sister into joining the band, and then let her overpower you, and then the band, and then the patriarchy. “All I ever did was look at Tony and pray that God would let me have a baby with him,” she told The Guardianin a 2005 interview. In fact, throughout their relationship, Stefani remained a “passive” member of the band, and seemingly prioritized her future with Kanal. “At first it was my brother’s songwriting and I was just doing what everyone told me. I was completely passive, no goals. I was in love with Tony and just happy to be in the band,” she recalled.

“I don’t expect to fit in right away but I do sense that the fashion world is rooting for me, too,” she told the outlet. “I’m not being treated like a celebrity wannabe fashion designer. But even if I was, it doesn’t really matter because I’m doing this for me.” Stefani said that combining her own ideas with Lieberman’s skills and connections made for a perfect pairing right off the bat. Stefani recalled that on the set for a music video she did with rapper Eve, Lieberman brought a truck that contained clothes for every idea Stefani had, and Stefani was blown away. “Every idea I had, she had taken it to a whole other level,” she said.

In the snap, the singer holds up her hand to show off her engagement ring. “It was the Oscars Vanity Fair party,” she explained, when asked about an old photo of herself in a stunning red gown. “I think I played at the party and then we went out that night. That melts me when I see it. It’s such a moment for me — a good one.”

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