24 Best Software Testing Tools in 2023 Updated

LoadFocus is the best cloud testing tool for Load Testing and Performance Testing. It also offers cloud testing services like Website Speed Testing, Mobile Applications, test automation definition APIs testing, and Mobile Emulation on different types of Mobile Devices. It is one of the qa tools which supports multiple browsers on different platforms.

  • Globalization testing verifies that the software is adapted for a new culture .
  • The defect tracking tool is used to keep track of the bug fixes and ensure the delivery of a quality product.
  • A common meeting ground for all QA stakeholders, it enables full visibility into the testing process and a deeper broader understanding of testing results.
  • Postman– This is a lightweight API testing tool that can be used both by API developers, API integrators, and a QA team looking for quick answers during the testing phase.
  • HPE UFT offers testing automation for functional and regression testing for software applications.
  • You can customize the monitor size to have the same viewport even when the screen size changes.

There are multiple predefined snippets available to test the applications making the lives of users easy. Software testing tools can help ensure that a piece of software will work across multiple browsers, operating systems, and devices. There are a number of common software testing tools used by development teams today. Depending on the response time of a test case, it can support in anticipating whether or not it’ll collapse. This tool is also known for fault detection in the initial steps of the app or software development cycle. It is offered by Microsoft, a test automation tool for automatized real and regression testing.

Accessibility testing

WebLOAD is an excellent testing tool which offers many powerful scripting capabilities, that is helpful for testing complex scenarios. The tool supports hundreds of technologies from Selenium to mobile, enterprise application to web protocols. It is possible to generate load both in the cloud and on-premise using this tool. Selenium needs very lesser resources when compared to other manual testing tools.

HP QuickTest Professional was renamed to HPE Unified Functional Testing. HPE UFT offers testing automation for functional and regression testing for software applications. This testing tool is used to help the programmers to improve their code quality, and with the help of these tools, they can reduce the time of code and the overall cost of the software. This type of tool is used when we need to compare a web application in the various web browser platforms.


A common meeting ground for all QA stakeholders, it enables full visibility into the testing process and a deeper broader understanding of testing results. Easily create, organize, and manage test cases to streamline your testing process and ensure quality results. If you are looking for a CI/CD testing tool, you need a solution that will make your complicated testing simpler. But you still need to ask yourself some questions in order to make an informed and individual decision. Get a complete view of quality and compliance with aggregated reports and advanced analytics across Parasoft testing solutions. When access to real data and services is limited, test anything anytime with realistic virtual services that behave just like the real thing.

Software Testing Tools

Software testing can also be performed by non-dedicated software testers. TestCollaborIBM Rational Quality Manager– This proprietary tool helps manage and plan test cases along with producing in-depth reports of the test execution statuses. This tool integrates with various other bug management tools as well. Hyper automation assists in improving https://globalcloudteam.com/ collaboration between developers, testers, and other stakeholders, enabling more efficient and effective software development. This book will teach you how to test computer software under real-world conditions. The authors have all been test managers and software development managers at well-known Silicon Valley software companies.


Localized operating systems may have differently named system configuration files and environment variables and different formats for date and currency. Software may lack support for the character encoding of the target language. Software may use a keyboard shortcut that has no function on the source language’s keyboard layout, but is used for typing characters in the layout of the target language.

Software Testing Tools

Different labels and ways of grouping testing may be testing types, software testing tactics or techniques. The developer will have all the evidence she or he requires of a test failure and can instead focus on the cause of the fault and how it should be fixed. 100% statement coverage ensures that all code paths or branches are executed at least once. This is helpful in ensuring correct functionality, but not sufficient since the same code may process different inputs correctly or incorrectly.


Property testing is also sometimes known as “generative testing” or “QuickCheck testing” since it was introduced and popularized by the Haskell library QuickCheck. A/B testing is a method of running a controlled experiment to determine if a proposed change is more effective than the current approach. Customers are routed to either a current version of a feature, or to a modified version and data is collected to determine which version is better at achieving the desired outcome. Fonts and font sizes that are appropriate in the source language may be inappropriate in the target language; for example, CJK characters may become unreadable, if the font is too small. Some messages may be created automatically at run time and the resulting string may be ungrammatical, functionally incorrect, misleading or confusing. Untranslated messages in the original language may be left hard coded in the source code.

Perfecto is a cloud-based and automated testing platform for web and mobile applications. From automated cross-environment executions, custom capabilities, test analysis, and broad integrations, Perfecto makes continuous testing more achievable for DevOps teams. Silk Performer is the cost-effective load testing tool to meet all the critical applications, performance expectations, and service-level requirements.

Types of Testing

Behaviorally Driven Development tool called Cucumber is open-source. In addition to supporting several languages, it has many notable clients, including PayPal and Canon. Cucumber, solely supported by the online environment, is utilized by 20% of testers, and a better end-user experience is what it was designed to give. This tool allows business users to alter the user interface, making it simple for non-technical people to keep track of projects. With the aid of this technology, businesses can quickly assure security and compliance while onboarding staff with self-service pipelines, monitoring and tracking pipelines and releases for DevOps. Object-based and image-based recognition are both supported by this well-known mobile automation application.

Software Testing Tools

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