Guide To Becoming a Frontend Developer: Job Skills and Responsibilities

As a frontend developer, you won’t need to write your APIs for others to call (that’s a backend job), but you should know how to call an API and display it meaningfully on your site. Bootstrap is a free collection of reusable pieces of code written in HTML, CSS, and (optionally) JavaScript. Knowing a programming language or two beyond JavaScript can set you apart as a job candidate.

If you’re going to be working with this developer long-term, their commitment to learning new skills is even more important than their current skill set. Software like version control, which tracks and controls changes in your source code, is critical. Understanding how to use various software development tools is a building block to a successful career.


This course will also introduce you to the basics of “Figma”, a tool commonly used for visual editing and graphic design. This part of the program is excellent for understanding the importance of “micro-interactions” in websites and apps. You’ll also get a hands-on opportunity to create a minimum viable product mock-up.

is front end development worth it

If you don’t know, Frontend Masters is an online learning platform that provides high-quality educational resources for web developers and designers. It offers a vast library of video courses and tutorials taught by industry experts, focusing primarily on frontend web development technologies. Full-stack development encompasses the comprehensive creation of websites and applications across various platforms.

Is front-end development dying?

In course 7, students can begin to focus on the fundamentals of User Experience, and User Interfaces in design. The learning experience begins with a full tour of a modern user interface and introduces how developers can implement UI strategies to improve user experiences. This straightforward course covers how developers can use routing in React to customize end-user experiences. There’s also a hands-on project where you can create a web application designed to consume API data. This Meta certification requires no prior experience or degree to get started.

is front end development worth it

You’ll learn to explore different data types and work with expressions, variables, and string operations. Week 2 covers Python data structures and how they’re used to store collections of information. In week 3, you’ll dive into Python programming fundamentals, looking at functions, objects, classes, and exception handling.

A Never Dying Industry

The BLS projects positions for web developers and digital designers — including front-end developers — to grow 23% between 2021 and 2031. Professionals with excellent problem-solving skills are well-suited to careers in front-end development. The best programmers tend to excel at solving non-tech-related issues and coding problems. Front-end developers must regularly identify and fix bugs and anticipate solutions through creative problem-solving. HTML and CSS coding languages are enduringly popular among front-end developers to make websites functional.

  • In short, one of the best Coursera professional certificate to start your career as Backend Developer.
  • A key difference is that PHP is server side, meaning it generates HTML code that can be displayed on a website.
  • This will help you learn the concepts thoroughly (and not just on the surface).
  • Of course, one can choose to ignore such requirements, but at the cost of user experience and digital compatibility.
  • Becoming a web developer is a dream that many individuals share these days.
  • The course is taught by professional instructors, all of which have backgrounds in the field of web development.

The course is offered by Coursera through the Coursera Plus subscription which costs $39 per month. On average it takes 7 months for students to complete the course and get certified. To become a certified front-end developer, you will need to complete all 9 courses, as well as the included quizzes and assignments. There are over 76 hours of content included in this course, delivered through video, practical experiments, and written resources. The time needed to complete the Meta Front-End Certificate is seven months (studying 6 hours per week) and can be completed 100% online.

What is the average salary for a front-end developer?

Others may choose to enroll in a coding bootcamp to launch their front-end development career, learn new skills, or switch careers. Some employers prefer candidates with professional certification, such as Java development certified professional or certified web professional-web developer. After learning relevant programming languages and getting your portfolio ready, it’s about finding the right opportunities and acing the pitch or interview. Here are some tips on how to successfully accomplish the seven necessary steps.

is front end development worth it

Besides tech, he’s excited by science, philosophy, photography, arts, cats, and food. Many web developers are out there, but the truly talented ones are hard to find. Instead of finding the problem and manually undoing it, you can roll back the project to an earlier version. A version control system helps you keep track of changes made to your website’s code. You can use them to revert to an earlier code version if something goes wrong. 45% of consumers will abandon any piece of content displaying poorly on the device they are using.

The growing complexity of front-end development has produced a sort of division within the field; you can now find people with the same job title, but vastly different focuses and skill sets. Enrol to this bestselling Udacity program with 3 months access & receive 15% off the regular price. The price of the Udacity Front-End Nanodegree is, frankly, the same as with any other Nanodegree that would last you 4 months to complete. By extension of that, same as other programs, this course does have different payment options, too – you can either pay the full price upfront, or pay in increments, each month. With all of the essential pros and cons of the Udacity Front-End Nanodegree discussed and covered, let’s talk about the pricing aspect of the program, and evaluate if it’s worth the price tag or not. As you’ve probably gathered by now, though, the situation is a bit different with the Udacity Front-End Nanodegree.

While HTML sets the framework and CSS defines style, JavaScript makes a website interactive. For example, you’ll use HTML to indicate where headers go, where to put a paragraph break, and where to insert an image. All the text and images you’re seeing on this very page are all thanks to HTML. Their primary tools are HTML, CSS, and JavaScript — HTML for the website’s general structure and content, CSS for styling, and JavaScript for advanced interactivity. So front-end developers often find themselves gravitating more towards one side than the other.

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